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About Us
Multilinks Education and Immigration Services Ltd. specializes in offering fast, professional, reliable and affordable services for your immigration needs.

All immigration applications are handled through our Head Office in Brampton, Ontario, and strict confidentiality is observed. The Directors are Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants in Canada. Our team is working in co-operation with our agents and clients to make the immigration process easier. We understand the problems and anticipate the needs of our clients around the globe who are interested in living, studying and working in Canada. We propose the relevant solutions and deliver them. We stay knowledgeable of all new developments in the Canadian Immigration Law and keep our clients informed. The success of our work for each client is the direct result of a gritty determination to be the very best at what we do. If we accept a client, that acceptance comes with our commitment that we can and will fulfill his/her aspirations.

We accept assignments only for which we are qualified and in which it is believed there may be a real benefit to the Client. We have a commitment to keep our knowledge and skills up-to-date in compliance with Continuing Professional Development requirements established by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants.

Your questions are always welcome and we will respond to them promptly in accordance with the law and procedures applicable to Canada immigration.
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