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Baljit Sandhu is the founder, president, and consultant at Multilinks Immigration Services Ltd. Driven by a mission to protect innocent people against immigration fraud and exploitation, Baljit is best known for helping individuals come out of the hardest immigration crisis without a prior consultation fee.

Baljit’s passion for serving immigrants can be traced back to 1979. After earning his degree in law from Punjabi University, Patiala, India, he traveled to different countries like Germany, Switzerland, France, and Japan to understand their immigration structure and policies. The challenges faced by him as an immigrant during that time, motivated him to establish his career by guiding novice immigrants.

In 2008, he further pursued his passion and attained his “Immigration Practitioner” certificate from Seneca College, Toronto, Canada followed by the professional exam for a license to practice as a certified “Immigration Consultant”. Apart from Canada, he has also been an alumnus of some esteemed institutions in India such as Khalsa College, Amritsar; SGGS College, Chandigarh; DAV (PG) College, Dehradun; Punjabi University, Patiala. His unparalleled experience in this industry, coupled with global exposure, has helped several individuals lead accomplished lives in developed countries.

He is committed to serving his clients ethically and within a reasonable cost. He strongly believes a consultant’s job is equivalent to that of an experienced doctor who must diagnose his patient’s problem with precision and prescribe appropriate medications to deal with the situation.

According to him, an immigration consultant must be honest, competent, and well-informed about the latest immigration laws of the concerned country, otherwise, he/she might jeopardize someone’s future and spoil their career forever.

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