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Canada Visitor Visa

Canada Visitor Visa

Any individual, family or group can temporarily visit Canada for various purposes. There are three types of visitor visas:

Visitor Visa  |  Tourist Visa  |  Super Visa
Visitor Visa-The visitor requires sponsorship from a relative or friends with a valid reason to visit. This visa comes with single or multiple entries. Multiple entry visas are normally valid till expiration of the passport but the visitors are permitted to stay in Canada at the airport/port of entry on every visit.

Tourist Visitor– A visitor should have a valid reason or tour plans and a valid status in his home country. This visa does not require sponsorship but requires hotel booking for boarding or lodging.

Super Visa– Canadian citizen or PR who meets LICO chart requirements can sponsor their parents and grandparents. This visa is valid till expiration of the passport and super visa holder can stay in Canada for two years continuously

Visitor Visa application is not just a performa, which needs to be filled up and submitted to Canadian immigration authorities; it is a status of an applicant in their home country. Entire biography including fixed and moveable assets need to be presented in a specific way that helps the visa officer to assess eligibility of the applicant as per immigration requirements and Canadian law.

Our immigration expert, Mr. Baljit Sandhu, takes every minute detail into consideration before submitting the application with his submission letter.

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